films we’ve helped make

From research to recces, to shoot logistics; these are some of the world class productions, Wild Bus Films has joined to help tell their extraordinary narratives

Oceans will tell the stories of the oceans of the planet, which cover 70% of the globe yet so little is known about each ocean’s unique character. Each episode will focus on a different ocean, combining the disciplines of oceanography, geography and earth sciences to experience these characteristics in new ways.



National Geographic

Wild Star Films

An epic, six-part natural history docuseries that follows six powerful sisterhoods within the animal kingdom where females rule. The all-women visionaries behind the series draw on their female intuitions to shine a fresh light on the natural world, revealing unique feminine behaviors in six distinct animal communities


films we’ve made

1x7 mins
Dir. Louisa Gilbert

Researchers capitalized on a summer without cruise ship traffic to hear how whales respond to a quieter underwater world.

Avalanche Dogs

1x8 mins
Dir. Louisa Gilbert
DoP. Rich Maskey
Lifesaving best friends

Summit Journeys

1x12 mins
Dir. Louisa Gilbert
DoP. Rich Maskey
One hundred individuals journey into a
winter wilderness for an event like no other


1x12 minutes
Dir. Louisa Gilbert
DoP. Rich Maskey
A coastal family journey upriver on a
mission to save wild salmon

River Rescue

8 mins
Dir. Louisa Gilbert
DoP. Rich Maskey

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 11.52.03
River Rescue image.jpeg