oliver richards

director of photography and drone pilot




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i'm ollie, a dp and drone operator, driven by an ambition to help share the stories of our world, rendered in beautiful images.

my work has taken me across the planet, with each new story and environment inspiring creative new visuals and bringing with it exciting technical challenges... like 3 airport trollies and a busy terminal! never one to be daunted by new technology i'm always tinkering and adapting the latest equipment to be able to capture stories in a unique way that most compliments them, without limitations.

i'm regularly hired for both specialist-factual and natural history documentaries, feeling as comfortable 'on-set' as i do in nature. my credits reflect the versatility of my skills base, and my ability to thrive in a range of different shooting styles. they include disney's emmy award nominated 'the world according to jeff goldblum', bbc landmark 'a perfect planet', and national geographic's darren aronofsky led spectacles 'one strange rock' and 'welcome to earth'. i'm currently engaged on a number of landmark series for major international platforms which are under nda and due to hit screens in the coming years. 


  • long-lens natural history behavioural sequences

  • gimbal operation

  • drone operation, including 'first-person-view'

  • on-the-shoulder observational

  • lighting for interviews and dramatised location setups

  • high-speed

  • macro

  • timelapse

  • motion control

  • cable cam rigging

  • use of cranes and dollys in the field

  • sound recording for broadcast


  • uk 'operational authorisation' drone certification since 2015

  • usa 'part-107' drone certification since 2019

  • canadian 'sfoc - advanced' drone certification since 2020

  • swiftwater rescue level 1

  • cpr, aed, and remote first aid

  • worksite safety - bear awareness certification

  • uk and canadian drivers licences

  • bsc in 'film and television production' from the university of york.

recent credits

project under nda

project under nda

project under nda

earths greatest rivers

the world according to jeff goldblum se2

the greatest show - working title

welcome to earth

a perfect planet

the world according to jeff goldblum

one strange rock

bbc natural history unit. coming 2023

plimsoll productions for disney+. coming 2023

bbc science unit for netflix. coming 2022

bbc studios. coming 2022

nutopia for disney+. coming 2022

bbc studios. coming 2022

nutopia and protozoa for nat geo. coming soon

silverback for bbc one. released 2020

nutopia and protozoa for nat geo. released 2019

nutopia and protozoa for nat geo. released 2019

a full list of credits can be found here