Stories from the wilderness

A new type of production company; embedding in nature to deliver science and natural history content to curious minds across the globe.

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“From conception and throughout our work together, Wild Bus Films use their wide network to secure access to unique locations. Their unparalleled local knowledge enabled us to develop previously hidden stories from across the region. With great contacts, Wild Bus Films were able to forge partnerships on our behalf and help us negotiate discounts. This gave us the opportunity to access stories that have, historically, been closed to filming or too expensive to explore.”

Attenborough’s Life in Colour 
Sharmila Choudhury – Producer, Humble Bee Pictures

Off Grid. In Nature

We create films independently and partner with other production companies to help them achieve the best possible narratives in the Pacific Northwest.


We’ve customised our own story telling vehicles and vessels, capable of taking research teams and film crews to the most hidden wilderness stories.